YLPMSAA Lau Leung Sheung Memorial Kindergarten
Lau Leung Sheung
Memorial Kindergarten

Learning while playing – time to free exploration

We provide a safe environment for playing and flexibly coordinate all classes to share the facilities. We also have interest corners in the classrooms and gross motor training facilities so that children could play freely in the activity areas.  With course target and content, games were designed in consideration of children’s life experience, interest, and capability so that they could learn easily and effectively.  Enough free exploration time were scheduled for children to play individually or in groups.  Let them choose different toys according to their preference, capability and life experience to play with playmates and design their rule of the game to enhance their interest, heartily express their feelings and explore things around them.  Children will have quiet time to arrange their own activities and also time to gather with playmates to talk, create, and play joyfully.


Learning Corners

Time to free exploration

Project Adventure