YLPMSAA Lau Leung Sheung Memorial Kindergarten
Lau Leung Sheung
Memorial Kindergarten

Exploration Activites(Recycled paper)

Visiting KeySteps@JC Community Hub


Visiting ECOPARK

Exploration Activites

(How to cook Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Sports Competition

Visiting Health Education Exhibition & Resource Centre

Visiting Activity(Hong Kong Science Museum

Project Approach(Shoes)

Watch a MovieELEMENTAL

Exploration Activites(DIY Water Filter )

Visiting Frie Station

Watch Drama Show(Grandpa's Paperplanes)

K3 Disney Graduation Trip

Visiting Stationery Shop

Joint School Teacher Development Day

Outdoor Sketching

Project Approach(Restaurant)

Puppet Drama Show

Project Approach(Sport)

Project Approach(Water)

Project Approach(Tabletop Game)

Exploration Activites(Recycled Paper)