YLPMSAA Lau Leung Sheung Memorial Kindergarten
Lau Leung Sheung
Memorial Kindergarten

Project Approach(vegetable)

Project Approach(Hamburger)

Project Approach(Egg)

Visit Activities(Reptile House

Golden BeachSand Sculpture Fun Day

Physical Activity(Jelly)

Exploration Activites(Water)


Waste Creation(Toy Ship)

Visit Light Rail Transit Station

Exploration Activites(Mirror

Exploration Activites(Dissolve

Exploration Activites(Ups and Downs

Visit School Bus


Exploration Activites

(the function of the five sense organs)


Exploration Activites(Mixed Colour)

Exploration Activites(Pit)

Daily Classroom Activity

Project Approach(Socks

Project Approach(Ball

Exploration Activites(Wheels)




visit school bus