YLPMSAA Lau Leung Sheung Memorial Kindergarten
Lau Leung Sheung
Memorial Kindergarten

Support services for non-Chinese speaking students



  1. To support non-Chinese speaking children to study Chinese at school.
  2. To take care of non-Chinese speaking children’s need while they grow up.
  3. To facilitate personal development as an individual as well as in a social group.
  4. To promote racial integration in school, helping non-Chinese speaking students integrating into local mainstream schools.



  1. School website provides both English and Chinese versions of application forms, school syllabus, and related information to parents of non-Chinese speaking students.   https://www.ylallsk.edu.hk/?l=en-US
  2. Allow non-Chinese speaking new students to be accompanied by Chinese-speaking or English-speaking relatives in admission interviews to facilitate better communication.
  3. Teachers will translate part of the Chinese homework into English for non-Chinese speaking students so that their parents will be able to help them complete the homework at home.
  4. Teachers will apply different strategies (e.g. environmental settings, interactions amongst students, teaching tools, or adapted Chinese homework, etc.) to enrich a  better language learning environment for the students.
  5. If parents of non-Chinese speaking children have any enquiries, please contact our principal Ms. K Y Wong at 24480816 or by e-mail to llsmkg@ylallsk.edu.hk
  6. Teachers receive relevant training courses
  7. Our Little Partnership Program will encourage local students to learn with non-Chinese speaking students so as to build up friendship, help them understand class activities, and facilitate their development of Chinese language at school.

Community Support

Community services/facilities for Non-Chinese speaking people


Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER) has been funded by the Home Affairs Department of HKSAR for providing accessible services to ethnic minorities in Hong Kong through the provision of interpretation service and multi-dimensional programs.





Useful information links

Education Bureau (Education Services for non-Chinese Speaking Students)



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