YLPMSAA Lau Leung Sheung Memorial Kindergarten
Lau Leung Sheung
Memorial Kindergarten
Exploring Learning Activity(Recycled Paper)



Visiting Eco Park

Green Education(Power You Kindertaen Education Kit)

Visiting  Hong Kong Science Museum

Exploring Learning Activity
Visiting Eco Park
Project Approach(Airplane)

Project Approach(Spinning Top)

Project Approach(Games)

Visiting Aviation Discovery Centre
Watch Cantonese opera
Graduation Picnic
Visiting Hong Kong Museum of History
Visiting Hong Kong Science Museum
Project Approach(Umbrella)
Visiting  Legislative Council Complex
Appreciate the puppet show「A Shower Of Stars」
Project Approach(Ferry)
Project Approach(Shoes)
Exploring Learning Activity
Visiting Tao Heung Museum
Exploring Learning Activity